Symmetry In Wood - Gordon R. Merrick
Symmetry In Wood - Gordon R. Merrick
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Symmetry In Wood Gordon R. Merrick

Creators of exotic and unique Burl veneer furnniture and installations. One of a kind hand crafted fine art classic & contemporary home or office Burl veneer tables, desks, cabinets, book cases, entertainment centers, spiral staircases, jewelry boxes, finished rooms & recording studios.

Mandala: A geometric pattern formed by repeated imagery. Originally the image was a form of deity and used for meditation.
Gordon R. Merrick was fortunate to have been introduced to wood working and Margaret Seeler almost simultaneously. Margaret Seeler was recognized as the living master in gold cloisonné and took Gordon under her wing from early in his career. Margaret, being of the Taoist philosophy helped shape Gordon's thoughts on design and form which led to his ability to stray from preconceived concepts in wood design. Gordon is entirely self taught and feels the better craftsman for this. By being self taught you learn not only how something is done but also why it is done that way.

Gordon began doing Early American pine furniture in the woods of Maine in 1976. Through not being afraid to accept commissions that he had no idea how to fabricate he developed the knowledge and skills that later became his best attribute. After years of chasing the right market he was commissioned to design the woodworking for the interior of Mariah Carey and Tommy Mattolas residence. From there he moved into doing media based environments for both the music industry and also personal home theaters. In the recent years he has been drifting back to his early desire to create lasting works through veneering.

Gordon has been published several times regarding his veneering techniques and has had numerous pieces published indifferent trade and architectural magazines.

Special thanks to Sanjay Mishra and Akar Music for the usage rights to the song "Clouds" (to Jerry Garcia) (©1995 Sanja Mishra) from the CD Blue Incantation, Sanjay Mishra with special guest Jerry Garcia.

Veneering A to Z with master veneerist Gordon R. Merrick Symmetry In Wood - Gordon R. Merrick Art Furniture

Classes currently being offered on the 3rd weekend of each month. The cost is $400 per student plus materials and is a 2 day intensive study of veneering. Each student will take a small radiant veneered table top home with them. The course is limited to 3 students per class. The classroom is located in beautiful Arundel in Southern Maine.

Be prepared to work 2 long days as there is a lot of information to go over as well as the practical hands on experience. Gordon has been working with exotic veneers for over 30 years and would like to share the insights and techniques he has developed over the years. The class has been designed around 2 days as Gordon is aware that the average small shop cannot take a week or two off to go to school.


  Symmetry In Wood - Gordon R. Merrick